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      The company insisted on putting the legitimate rights and interests of employees in the first place, especially in the situation that most enterprises were affected by the financial crisis, and the company reduced the number of employees and reduced wages. The company did not stop production, did not reduce staff, did not reduce wages, and the salary of employees increased by 33. %, further strengthened the confidence and determination of the staff to seek development and promote development.

      In order to thank the employees for their efforts to the company, especially thanks to the parents' support for the company, the company has established a holiday condolence payment system, and sends 500 yuan condolences to each employee's parents during the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival every year. Each year, part of the funds is used to relieve the poor employees inside the unit. In order to promote the corporate culture, commend the employees and children of the school, the college entrance examination scholarship is established within the company, and scholarships are awarded to the children of the employees who are admitted to the university every year.

      In order to introduce talents and strengthen the construction of high-level talents, undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of biology, chemical engineering, food science, accounting, international trade, etc. of 985 and 211 universities will receive 500-1000 yuan of housing subsidies and 500-1000 per month. Yuan’s academic qualifications.

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